Friday, April 3, 2009

Direction-less / I Need a GPS

have you ever had one of those days that you're moving along like a zombie, not really conscious of what's going on? for was one of them.

this morning as i was driving m2 to kindy, i headed towards my office - the opposite direction. had to make a u-turn and as usual late for work. i was listening to LKY on bfm, imagining him spitting saliva into the mic;p

after that, i went to our distribution centre in bkt. jelutong. on the t-junction between batu tiga and shah alam stadium, i turned left to batu tiga, heading to klia - the opposite direction. i was still listening to LKY on the radio...

later in the afternoon when i went to pick m1 from school, wanting to goto nkve, i ended up in federal hwy - not really the opposite direction but you know what i mean. AND, LKY was still on the radio @#$%^&*...bfm repeated his interview during lunch-time. maybe i need a GPS for my car. battusai!

on top of that, it poured in the evening and work lasted longer than expected making me miss my workout. i only managed one class this week. i'm getting crankier by the minute....HULK SMASH!!! i need to sweat myself out of this lull. pump, combat tomorrow...hmm sounds like a plan:) but, the good news was LKY... was no longer on the radio!

was i really feeling like a zombie today or was it the LKY factor? a twilight zone moment there...

Note: LKY = (Tun) Lim Keng Yaik, former Primary Industry Minister not Lee Kuan Yew, Minister Mentor; Battusai = Kenshin or Samurai X

good night fellow night birds...don't let the bed bugs bite


doraexplora said...

So i guess, i am not the only one with a shitty DAY...:(

diane said...

Daydreaming is good according to Mr Mind maps. I too have days where I get completely lost while thinking. I don't think GPS system helps though. Then again can u buy one for me ?