Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time Management /Setting Priorities

family, friends, work takes up a good portion of one's daily activities. there's also 'me' time. with only 24 hours a day and so much activities to cover, it can get quite overwhelming.

averagely, one spends at work 9-10 hours and sleep about 6-7 hours; leaving 7 hours for family and 'me' time. gym takes 2-3 hours including shower and drive home. that means only 4 hours with the family. if you add dinner time, 1 hour, leaving a grand total of 3 hours with family.

how does one juggle with time to cover all bases. are we setting our priorities right? it doesn't seem logical that family gets so little of one's time when they're the most important aspect of one's life.

some people say "its quality not quantity". how to do quality when the brain is on 'off' mode after work? what's considered quality? doing homework, talking, reading together, play? especially for a non-discipline person like oneself, it's a struggle.

time management and setting priorities is a major revamp for 2009. starting with one's gym schedule. no more daily workouts - 3 times is the target:) that leaves 4 days for family activities. i think that's a good start..the result so far is an expanded waistline:(

tonight, fellow night birds i leave you with a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche;

" he who has the why to live can bear almost any how"

p/s. let's find the 'why' in our lives then, the 'how' should come naturally...


doraexplora said...

This is a common problem that is being faced by everyone every single day...how i wish we are all robots and before day start, we are all programmed accordingly in order to have a fully productive day with excellent time allocation. But too bad, we are just Human. DAMN! How i wish i am just a BIRD and everyday just to look for worm and fly around doing nothing and avoid hunter. :)

diane said...

I confess, I ponder that same old equation time and time again. The maths somehow just doesn't add up.
I wish I have the courage to put a stop to the vicious time wasting circle. I even call for spiritual intervention. I know where, who and what are my priorities which make up to become the why .. but when it comes to the how.. at this point in time its a anyhow. I call for more wisdom and thanks for sharing .