Friday, May 1, 2009

Angie RIP

i knew angie when she was 13 or 14 years old. most of my memories of angie were from those days when we were still partying and enjoying our carefree life - the sri aman girls with the east end boys (BB, La Salle, Sea Park).

my last recollection of angie was in 1989/1990 when she was still with SQ and she flew to perth, where i was studying. she was afraid of staying alone in the hotel room so, i accompanied her until the next day. we chatted until we fell asleep. of course, we met up when i came back to KL but, that was my special memory of her.

we lost touch after she went separate ways with my buddy. then through fb, we rekindle our friendship. little did i know that she had suffered from cancer for several years now. we spoke briefly when she was in KL this year and she sounded like the angie i knew from 20+ years ago. for her to go so young just show us that life is short and we should live it to its fullest; with no regret...

i don't know how she lived her life since we last met but i would like to imagine she led a meaningful life and from her beautiful family pictures, i truly believe she did.

so, fellow night birds, i leave you tonight with a quote;

People living deeply have no fear of death - Anais Nin

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doraexplora said...

I am deeply touched by her life and death. It changes my view about things in our daily life. Her blog leads me to other cancer's patient's blog from one of her followers. And Thus, I went on reading another blog. To be honest, Diane came to office one day to ask everyone to pray for her. I did my part but was only that very night. I regret not praying enough for her. Thanks for sharing your experience with her and my heartfelt sympathy to her family members and friends who has lost her in their lives. Take care, bro.